Lowongan Kerja Medan Agustus 2022 S1 Di Sarulla Operations Ltd (SOL)

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Berikut kami sampaikan informasi Lowongan Kerja dari Sarulla Operations Ltd. As Indonesia is positioning  the geothermal  energy as its strategic  power source, the country  holds the world's largest amount of potential  geothermal resources around 40%. The enhancement  of geothermal  power projects  is one of the  strategic  and environmental   friendly  energy sources, which also becomes the priority  of the Government  of Indonesia in securing alternative  energy sources.

This is in line with  the Government's  policies in energy diversification,  fuel oil (Bahan Bakar Minyak = BBM)  consumption  reduction and anticipating  the  rise in electricity  demands in lndonesia, especially in North Sumatera.

Sarulla Geothermal Project is a core part of the Indonesian government's electricity  development  program (the FastTrack Program II) and a private sector financed  geothermal  project  to successfully conclude power purchase arrangements  under  that  program. To support the electricity demands in North Sumatera, Sarulla Operations Ltd. ("SOL") has built the largest geothermal power plant in the world in a single contract with the capacity of 3 x 110 MW ("Project"). The location  of the Project is Pahae Julu and Pahae Jae Districts, North Tapanuli Regency, North Sumatra Province.

The Project will be fueled by steam and brine from two production and injection  facilities at Silangkitang ("SIL") and Namora-I-langit ("NIL") reservoirs. The plants of the Project will apply Geothermal Combined Cycle Units ("GCCU") which are more efficient than conventional flash type geothermal power plants. The plants will capture the steam and brine from the wells and produce energy throughout  the day and is intended for base load operation. The condensate steam and the brine water will be re-injected  into underground  via wells to maintain  sustainable geothermal  resources. The Project also include approximately  20 km transmission line from plants to the 150/275 KV substation.

Saat ini kami membuka lowongan kerja untuk posisi sebagai berikut:

Posisi :

Construction Project Manager

Deskripsi Pekerjaan


Responsible for the overall management, supervision, coordination and monitoring of the all engineering and construction activities at the Sarulla project site and the vicinity, specifically with respect to the contracts and contractors related to the specific project and other construction activities that maybe related to it, including but not limited to:

  1. Infrastructure work for wellhead and pipeline
  2. Surface Facility or SAGS (Systems above ground surface) comprised of separator system, pip gathering
  3. Brine OEC modification and related piping, electrical, C&I
  4. Activities related to the implementation of safety, health and environment protection according to the company’s HSE rules and regulation.
  5. Management and control of schedule
  6. Management and implementation of quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC).


  1. Perform and be responsible for the overall site management including responsibility for administration of all site activities.
  2. Specifically oversee, manage and be responsible for the implementation of the Project’s Contract in accordance with the project schedule, including:
  3. Site engineering and procurement control
  4. Monitor, update project schedule. Work with the Contractor in case of need to rectify project slippages.
  5. Track and report progress of the construction activities at the site regularly
  6. QA/QC implementation
  7. HSE
  8. Permit compliance
  9. Ensure proper and comprehensive documentations and record keeping
  10. Enforce contractor(s) to work in accordance with the applicable contracts.
  11. Ensure that SOL is performing as requested in the Contract.
  12. Together with the Project Development Manager and VP Engineering, (to the extent relevant), prepare and negotiate revisions, changes and additions to contractual agreements with the contractor, consultants, clients, suppliers.
  13. Work together with the Project Development Manager and VP Engineering, for the preparation, negotiation and finalization of any other new or supplementary contracts that may be required during the implementation of the contracts and contractors for the specific project.
  14. Responsible for the coordination between site’s project execution team and other involved teams, including other shared resources.
  15. Be the focal point for all specific project activities at site.
  16. Observe and assure compliance with law and regulations.
  17. Assemble key personnel of the site’s project team, manage, direct, motive and lead the project management and supervision team.
  18. Assist SOL Management as may be required with other non-directly related tasks such as support for financing, accounting, reports to shareholders.
  19. Develop site related project execution plan including admin procedures, project quality plan, project safety plan, risk analysis and appropriate mitigation.
  20. Serve as the site focal point for the coordination, communication and relationship with entities who have inspection or regulatory authorities over the project such as PLN, PGE, local government bodies, EBTKE, any third parties etc.  
  21. Review contractor’s request for change orders and suggest its opinion to Project Development Manager.


  1. Graduate of engineering course, preferable bachelor degree or higher
  2. Good computer skills; MS Office and MS Project is mandatory
  3. Experience in working with government and public entities ( permits, land, utility)
  4. Knowledge and experience in office administration
  5. Good communication and reporting skills both verbal and in writing, specifically English
  6. Adequate years of experience in similar management position (e.g. process plants, power plants engineering, construction and commissioning), and other management position, in charge of a diversified staff with variety of duties and knowledge
  7. With experiences in managing multi-national construction projects performed in various countries
  8. Ability to work weekends, holidays and overtime as necessary
  9. Ability and willingness to travel and relocate if required
  10. Multi-culture knowledge and working experience

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