Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Maret 2021 Lulusan D3/S1 Di TikTok

rekrutmedan.com - Lowongan Kerja Terbaru Maret 2021 - Berikut ini kami sampaikan Informasi Lowongan Kerja dari TikTok, yang dikenal di Tiongkok sebagai Douyin, adalah layanan jejaring sosial berbagi video yang dimiliki oleh perusahaan Tiongkok, ByteDance. Platform media sosial untuk membuat berbagai video berdurasi pendek, mulai dari genre seperti dance, comedy, dan edukasi, yang berdurasi dari tiga detik hingga satu menit.

TikTok mencari kandidat untuk mengisi lowongan sebagai berikut : 

Posisi : 

1. Seller Development Support Specialist (e-comerce)

Responsibilities :

  1. Identifying room for improvement in tooling, SOPs and supoort for sellers who are promoting and selling products on TikTok platform
  2. Providing ongoing support and training to sellers to improve performance, and study key attributes of successful cases; Building courses/trainigs to sellers in line with global policies and local strategy
  3. Design and create promotion materials or projects for seller recruitment in collaboration with seller recruiting and management teams

Qualifications :

  1. 2-5 years of experience is seller management from e-commerce platforms, or e-commerce sales from brands
  2. Strong understanding of influencers, social media, e-commerce, livestreaming, and digital trends landscape
  3. Strong communication, organizational, and time management skills; comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic enviroment
  4. Proficient in English and native Indonesia language

2. Community Partnership Manager – Categories

Responsibilities :

  1. Contact local artist, KOL to join TikTok and draft cooperation plan
  2. Contact content creator from MCN Talent Agency / Community to join TikTok
  3. Cultivate key users to continuously create and improve conten in certain category
  4. Responsible for the operation performance of key users and improvement of contents
  5. Capability to plan and implement online & offline campaign, complete related data analysis
  6. Enhance the communication between users and improve stickinees, activity and loyalty of the user group build up a positive community and incremental of contents

Qualifications :

  1. With certain operation experiences of Social Media Agency, Talent Management, and MCN of KOL in
  2. Entertainment fashion & beauty, food, lifestyle, and music;
  3. Understand the needs of users and good at finding and cultivating KOL/Influencer, a successful case.
  4. Outstanding skills of communication, presentation and problem-solving, enjoy communication with users and deliver daily support with strong user-driven mindset;
  5. Strong planning skills for online & offline campaign, be creative and good at brain-storming;
  6. Be enthusiastic, responsible, result-driven and efficient, can work under pressure;
  7. Over 3 years in Male Interest Area (e.g Games, Sports, Automotive) would be a plus.

3. Platform Risk Management & Services (e-commerce)

Roles & Responsibilities :

  1. Be responsible for merchant & commodity accessing management
  2. Optimize the policy for merchant access and craft relevant moderation logic;
  3. Optimize commodity display rules and sort out commodity shelving review mechanism
  4. Improve the security level and control the merchant & commodity access by standardizing the principle of categories, brands and commodities
  5. Monitor the KPI of accessing process, proactively address the problem and continuously monitor the ROI of safety methods in order to improve the overall credibility for e-commerce

Qualifications :

  1. Bachelor degree or above.
  2. More than 3 years of e-commerce platform operation, or related work experiences in managing seller/merchant/marketplace platform’s health and credibility. Experience with large Internet companies is preferred.
  3. Quick learner and good in communication, be patient and diligent, team player
  4. Adapt to the fast change of working atmosphere, able to work under pressure
  5. English and native Indonesia language proficiencies are compulsory.
  6. Ability to speak Mandarin will be a plus.

4. Category Management Specialist (e-commerce)

Job description :

  1. Manage merchants on the marketplace, including new merchants incubation, growth, product portfolio, pricing strategy and promotions
  2. Responsible for merchants recruitment
  3. Manage the local merchants operation team

Qualifications :

  1. Experience with seller management on top e-commerce marketplaces or ex-consulting experience from top consulting firms
  2. At least 2 to 5 years of working experience in e-commerce business
  3. Strong logical thinking and communication skills
  4. Proficiency in English and local Indonesian language.

5. Business Development Manager (e-commerce)

Job responsibilities :

  1. Responsible for identifying, prioritizing and recruiting the merchants in targeted categories
  2. Map out the key accounts and high potential accounts in the category through different information channels (competitor data, industry data, events, etc.)
  3. Drive and manage the partnership from end to end – from cold contact through to on-going account management with your brands
  4. Collaborate with internal monetization teams to facilitate cross-selling

Qualifications :

  1. 3 to 5 years of BD experience from major marketplaces with existing account resources, and experience in account management
  2. Good understanding of the merchant landscape and consumer demands in the categories
  3. Good communication and sales skills, good understanding on marketplace seller management
  4. Enjoy building things from scratch and getting hands dirty
  5. Proficient in English and Indonesian language

Tata Cara Pendaftaran:

Pendaftaran dilakukan secara online:

1. DAFTAR DISINI Seller Development Support Specialist (e-comerce) :

2. DAFTAR DISINI Community Partnership Manager – Categories

3. DAFTAR DISINI Platform Risk Management & Services (e-commerce) : 

4. DAFTAR DISINI Category Management Specialist (e-commerce)

5. DAFTAR DISINI Business Development Manager (e-commerce) : 

Bila Anda berkeinginan dan punya minat bekerja dengan kualifikasi di atas  buat lamaran secara lengkap.

Daftar/ Kirim berkas lamaran anda , CV, Pasphoto terbaru dan dokumen yang diperlukan.

Seluruh proses seleksi tidak dikenakan biaya apapun, hanya kandidat yang memenuhi kualifikasi yang akan diproses selanjutnya. Demikian informasi lowongan ini kami sampaikan terima kasih dan semoga bermanfaat.

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