Lowongan Kerja Medan Agustus 2023 Di PT. Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia (UOI)

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Berikut kami sampaikan informasi Lowongan Kerja dari PT Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia. PT. Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia (UOI) was established on January 3rd, 2012 and is wholly owned by Unilever Netherland.

UOI is one of the biggest Olechemical factories in the world and has been built on an area of 18 hectares, located in Special Economic Zone (KEK) Sei Mangkei, Blok M, N, R, S Huta VI District of Bosar Maligas, Simalungun, North Sumatra, Indonesia, where 30% of equipment manufacturers using domestic products, the plant is designed to process CPKO (Crude Palm Kernel Oil) and 95% of the products will be used by Unilever factories around the world.

Saat ini kami membuka Lowongan kerja untuk ditempatkan pada posisi berikut.

Posisi :

Legal Executive

Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia (UOI) is one of the world's Oleochemical Company which located in Kawasan Ekonomi Khusus (KEK) Sei Mangkei, Kabupaten Simalungun, North Sumatera, is welcoming high caliber professionals to come on board as part of our team as LEGAL EXECUTIVE

Main Job Purpose

To ensure the business carried out by the Company complies with the requirements of the applicable laws in the place where the Company's business activities are carried out, including in the planning, execution, monitoring and renewing such of its fulfilment.

Provide an adequate advice from a legal perspective for any Cooperation that will be and or has been made by the Company in carrying out its business, whether in the form of a business contract, appointment or ratification of activities, so as not to violate the applicable legal provisions in the Company's operational area.

Key Responsibilities / Accountabilities expected from role:

  1. Ensuring compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Responsible for managing important and confidential company documents.
  3. Monitor the development/update of the relevant laws and regulations.
  4. Organizing the necessary needs in order to fulfill the legal requirements and regulations.
  5. Maintain active communication with stakeholders such as: KINRA (Estate management), SEZ Administrator, SEZ NC, BKPM, etc. 
  6. Involved in the review process of every business contract made by the company, appointment, or other document determination that has legal implications.
  7. Actively conduct research on the legal implications that may occur to the company and provide suggestions.
  8. Conduct clear communication with senior management and all other personnel regarding to legal issue.
  9. Ensure all processes are in accordance with good business in terms of laws and regulations.

Accountabilities :

  1. Ensure 100% compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Ensure that all business contracts, appointments or other documents that have legal implications are reviewed directly or by the appointed law firm.
  3. Ensure regular communication at least every month with all stakeholders. 
  4. Ensure that there are no legal violations committed by the company's business activities.

Qualifications :

  1. Bachelors degree in Law from reputed University.
  2. Minimum 2 years of experience in the role of commercial law or litigation.
  3. Has an ability to conduct legal research and drafting skill
  4. Exposure to labor law and employment equity regulations.
  5. Management Skills; Leadership; Motivational Skills; Strong Communication Skills; Multitasking; Customer Service; Problem Solving Skills; Creativity; Ability to Work Well Under Pressure; Performance Management; Ability to Foster Teamwork; Organization; Ability to Educate Others; Basic Computer Skills; Attention to Detail
  6. Strong English communication both spoken and written.
  7. Strong analytical skills and presentation skills. 
  8. Proficient in Ms .Excel, word, Power point, Power BI and Outlook  
  9. Have high integrity, honestly, high motivation, good self inter personal and can work personally or team.
  10. Safety and Quality Oriented.
  11. Demonstrated high level of problem solving ability to make decisions independently.
  12. Demonstrated excellence in priority setting and execution skills.
  13. Able to handle multiple priorities.
  14. Willing to be place in Sei Mangkei, North Sumatera.

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